Related legislation

Building on the commitment set forth at the 2003 Tribal Education Summit in Quinault, the Tribal Leaders Congress on Education (TLC) has worked with Senator McCoy and other state lawmakers to establish legislation to “see our culture and our history in the schools:” 

SB 5269 First Peoples’ language, culture and history teacher certification, recruitment and retention.

HB 1829 Placing the Office of Native Education in statute.

HB 1134 Authorization of Tribal Compact Schools.

SB 6552 Inclusion of instruction in American Indian languages as meeting graduation requirements.

SB 5433 Requiring tribal history, culture and governance curriculum be taught in WA schools. 

HB 1541 Implementing strategies to close the educational opportunity gap.

HB 2551 Allows Native American students to wear traditional tribal regalia and objects of cultural significance at graduation ceremonies and related events.

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